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What is a Favicon and how to Create a Favicon.Ico

Friday, February 23, 2024, 4 PM

Favicon is the small icon you see in the top bar of a web browser, search results and in many other places and that helps to identify your website uniquely. This is important to make your website appear different from other websites.

Does my website really need a favicon?

Yes, it is recommended to have a favicon for every websites as this helps to identify a website easily from others much better, also this adds some authority to your website.

You can see many top websites have a favicon and it is a good practice to add a favicon for every website as it helps it to stand aside and helps visitors easily identify your website next time they visit it increasing the likelihood of those visitors coming back if your contents are valuable.

How to create a favicon

You can create a favicon from your website logo if you already have one, the favicon is generally an ICO image fie.

Favicon size

The standard size of favicon is 32x32 pixels, but other sizes are also available for different devices.

So you can take your site logo and resize it in 32x32 pixels and then you can convert it to ICO using a software or online image converting sites

Favicon location

You can place the favicon in your website root directory so it will be like this this is the location browsers and search engines check for favicon.

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